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Book Trailers

How can you make your book stand out and attract more readers? Make it visual is one good answer. More specifically, create a book trailer.

Like its predecessor, the movie trailer, the goal of a book trailer is to tease people with just enough highlights from your book to make it irresistibly appealing. We do this by making your characters (fiction) and/or concepts (nonfiction) from your book come to life in a video. We do this using several alternative methods. Some are simple, using mainly text and music, but others are a lot more involved, including models, sets and lighting.

Here are ways that authors are using book trailers:

  • Enhance author’s website and/or blog
  • Attract more fans/followers on social media websites
  • Create an initial buzz via email campaigns
  • Generate broad appeal as a video news release or as part of an electronic press kit
  • Promotional tool on eRetailer sites

Because Allwrite specializes in helping authors develop dynamic book trailer scripts that combine perfectly with video images, we know we can make your video standout! We want to help you market your book with greater success, so choose one of our affordable packages.

Book Trailer Packages

Book Teaser:  60 sec and under  ($199)

For those who want to make a simple visual statement, the Basic Book Teaser allows you to intrigue using your book cover with complementary music and text. This includes:

  • Book cover image only
  • Stock music
  • Text reviewed and feedback provided by our senior editors 


Basic Book Trailer: 90 - 180 sec  ($299)

This includes everything in the Basic Book Teaser along with the following:

  • Book cover image
  • Stock music
  • Sound effects
  • Stock photos (up to 4)
  • Text reviewed and feedback provided by our senior editors 


Advanced Book Trailer: 3 - 5 min  ($599)

This includes everything in the Basic Book Trailer along with the following:

  • Book cover image
  • Stock music
  • Sound effects
  • Stock photos (up to 8)
  • Text reviewed and edited by our senior editors 
  • Custom graphics 
  • Visual effects or basic animation
  • Stock video footage
  • Distribution of video via YouTube, social media sites, and bookmarking sites
  • Special Bonus: Allwrite radio interview


Short Filmish Trailer: 5 - 20 min  (Contact us)

This package includes everything above, along with a free consultation with a script writer. Most importantly, it also involves full video production services, including casting actors, designing sets, finding locations, and renting equipment. Prices could vary from $1,500 for a simple single-scene video up to several thousand for multiple scene projects. You should have a budget in mind so we can then try to scale a production to fit that budget.


All options include the following features:

  • Standard definition video
  • Book cover image
  • Basic proofreading
  • Stock music
  • Keyword inclusion so that people searching for specific types of books or information will more likely find an author’s book trailer
  • Basic distribution via YouTube and social media sites
  • Consultation (10-15 min.)

While these prices are straightforward, please keep in mind that some projects may require additional fees due its complexity. Have questions? Check our FAQ.

Package Upgrade Features:

Script writing .60 per word
Voiceover $50 per finished minute of video
Custom photography** $120 per session
Custom video footage** $150 per hour
Custom graphics and motion graphics  $100 per graphic
Custom animation $125 per hour
High definition formatting $95
TV formatting $95
Strategic distribution plan $45

**Must be located in the Atlanta metropolitan area and includes travel at .35 per mile

Authors must provide:

  • Text or video script
  • Book cover art
  • Specific copyright free images or music desired

Whether you begin with something basic or more advanced, the goal is the same: create a buzz about your book. With the advent of social media marketing, there is no greater time to take advantage of video book marketing.

ALSO, keep in mind that we provide advertising material, including

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Websites
  • Press Release

Visit www.allwriteadvertising for more details on this