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eBook Production

Simply put, an eBook is an electronic version of a printed book. eBooks are available in many formats and for a growing number of eReader devices, such as: Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Mobi, or even an everyday computer.. Because eBooks are inexpensive and easy to attain via instant download, eBooks are typically more appealing to readers who are shopping for books within a certain genre online. Most importantly, eBooks can function as a powerful marketing tool, namely as free downloads on a website.

Just as with a printed book, many of the requirements are the same for eBooks, including:

  • Appealing Title
  • Eye-Catching Cover
  • Informative, Interesting and/or Entertaining Content
  • Clean Copy, Free of Obvious Mistakes
  • Skillful Formatting
  • Appropriate Distribution
  • Effective Marketing

The main differences with an eBook and a printed book are:

  • Retail pricing for eBooks are lower
  • Formatting is device specific
  • Author royalties are at a higher percentage

If you’re self-publishing only an eBook version of your manuscript, let us help you with your eBook production process from concept to completion. Call us today at 678-691-9005 or contact us at if you have questions.