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  • How do I publish my book?

    This is one of our most popular questions. As you can imagine, this questions involves lots of explanation and usually follow up clarity. The short version: decide if you want to self-publish or do conventional publishing.

  • What do I supply you to get my book published?

    We would need a query letter (1 page max) along with sample pages or a chapter(s) from your manuscript that demonstrate its most compelling portions. Check out our submissions requirements and timeframes.

  • How long does it take before I get a response about my submission?

    Getting a response is not a given. If we are interested in your book or manuscript, we will respond in writing and or with a phone call.

  • Are you a literary agent or how do I find one?

    We are not agents in any form. Agents vet manuscripts and pitch them to publishers on behalf of the authors they represent. Getting an agent can be as challenging as getting a publisher, as agents want to work with talented writers with some level of demonstrated success. You can find them by searching online.

  • What genres of books do you publish?

    We mainly publish nonfiction inspirational and empowerment books, as well as academic material for schools and colleges. However, we have been successful in acquiring talented fiction writers and will publish fiction as presented.

  • Do I have to pay to get my book published with you?

    No, there is no charge or fees. If we decide to publish your book, we will pay you royalties.

  • Do you offer self-publishing services?
    Book Writing Pros

    We don’t offer self-publishing services. You can, however, work with Book Writing Pros to produce your book. Authors provide their manuscript and their own ISBN. They pay for professional editing, design and basic marketing if desired. The author can choose which service(s) he or she needs. The author keeps all the profits of the book and retains the copyright.

  • What’s the difference between submitting a query letter and a book proposal?

    For publishing consideration, nonfiction authors must submit a book proposal, not just a manuscript or several chapters. A proposal may include: a synopsis or overview describing the nature, tone, organization, writing style, plot (narratives), and content of the book; the author's bio along with any important credentials (education, experience, etc.) or exposure (media, etc.) associated with the content; a competitive analysis, which is a list of already published books that are similar to the author's book and how well they are doing in the market (check Amazon); and a marketing plan showing everything you may have done and you will do to promote this book.