Book Trailer Frequently Asked Questions

Who legally owns the video once its finished?
With the exception of licensed product, you own all rights to the trailer or video production.

What things do I have to supply?
We supply the stock pictures, footage and music. You must supply the text.

What if I want to supply my own pictures, video or music?
Because of the potential time involved in checking the usability and even adjusting the quality of outside materials supplied, the author may incur additional costs. To avoid copyright issues, we suggest that the author use only material (pictures, video or music) that he/she personally created. Otherwise, the author must provide a signed copyright release to use outside material, especially from non-licensing Internet sources.

What happens to my video once it is complete?
The video is distributed via Youtube and other such social media companies.

Suppose I want to update the video after it has been distributed?
Changes can be made at any time and are billed on an hourly basis.

Are there any kinds of books or authors for which you will not create a video?
Yes, we will not create pornographic, sacrilegious or vendetta videos, period.


If you have other questions, please call us at 678-904-7477.