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Book Publisher List

Book Publisher List

Our books are sources of enlightenment and inspiration. You will always be a better person after reading any one of them. Check out just some of our books:


If you’re frustrated with your pet for habitual or chronic misdeeds, well, guess what, that animal may have even more reason to be frustrated with you. Anastasia Nikolskaya, or “Dr. Stacey,” says pet owners who complain about a problematic pet are often surprised to discover they are the basis for the issue. Using fascinating cases and interviews from her practice as an animal psychologist, the book describes problems as: an “animal” issue; a “human” issue; or an issue with both parties. Ultimately, you get a book that betters both your pet and you.

The book is available in print (ISBN: 978-1-941716-01-4) and ebook (ISBN: 978-1-941716-00-7) formats.


Richard Knight always wanted a family, and when he finally got married, he was sure that’s what he would get. That is, until his wife makes a decision without his knowledge that threatens his plans to become a father and or even remain a husband. An attorney, Richard chooses to fight the legal system for what he believes are father’s rights. Steeped in his own pain and hurt, he almost misses a second chance at love and life, but maybe he has done too much damage to ever see its realization. This is a story of love and betrayal that awards persistence and challenges truth.

The book will be available later this month (ISBN: 978-0-9887332-7-5) .


In this funny, simple, practical guide to venting stress and anger, Alex Berhane, the founder of, shares his own, sometimes quirky, venting methods along with many of those posted on his popular website. What's more, he includes links to short, animated videos to the methods, creating even more attachment to this already-addictive manual on stress relief. 101 Ways to Vent organizes the venting methods into four categories: no risk; low risk; moderate risk; and try at your own risk. If you have always used a few of the same methods to vent, allow this volume to stimulate your imagination. Overall, it can be a useful contribution to improving your confidence, outlook and even health should you decide to vent in any of the 101 ways. The book is available in print (ISBN: 978-0-9887332-6-8) and ebook (ISBN: 978-0-9887332-8-2) formats.


Have you ever questioned the difference between the person living a life of mediocrity versus a person living a life of abundance and happiness? Attitude is the difference. It’s the driving force to achieving what you want. By changing your attitude you can change everything and achieve anything. This book shows you how. Achieving What You Want does not promise unrealistic overnight success, but rather, it will work to unravel deep-rooted notions of fear and doubt and realign your vision away from failure and toward achieving practical, attainable goals. Ultimately, it will give you wisdom, purpose, and renewed hope.

Start your commitment to change with "Achieving What You Want!" The book is available in print (ISBN: 978-0-9887332-5-1) and ebook (ISBN: 978-0-9887332-4-4) formats.


After years of consulting owners who claim to have “poorly behaving” pets, the author, a pet psychologist, has noticed that quite often the problems in the household are caused by disorders in the interactions between humans and pets and misperception of the animals. Thus, this book complies her interviews with pet owners, clinical research, studies, and observations in creating a useful model of interaction.

Price $29.95. Learn more about the author and her books at


Deepak comes to America immediately mesmerized by the immensity of its abundance. After leaving Nepal to earn a graduate degree in the U.S., his plan is to make his fortune in the land of opportunity. He quickly learns America is more than he bargained for, especially his newfound "friends." The challenge seems even more insurmountable when he settles into his new residence and job, where situations occur that test his resilience and will. He questions whether he can even survive, much less succeed, in this new country until he finds an unexpected, unlikely love. In rhythmic, colorful prose, Running from the Dreamland (ISBN: 978-0-9887332-9-9) explores the daily life of ambitious newcomers to America along with the nostalgia of their past, which opens up a largely unseen world to the Western reader. This is a fictional tale that includes themes to which most anyone can relate. Learn more about the author, Tulasi Acharya, at


He got her to say, "I do," so why now is he struggling to get her to say anything except, "Not tonight, honey"? Author and certified relationship coach Stephan Labossiere sheds light on all the things women really need from their husbands that will provide men with what they need and want most. Although this book revolves around improving sexual relations, in essence, it helps teach couples how to have a better relationship in general. Get your copy today or give it as a gift to an ailing couple. ISBN: 978-0-9844931-9-7. The book is available in print and on Kindle, Nook, and all other ebook formats.


Emerging Writers (2nd Edition) is designed to help students develop the essential writing skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. Using everyday examples, the book begins with an introduction or review of word basics in Unit I and moves into grammar in Unit II. It then introduces the writing process, beginning with the paragraph and culminating the essay in Unit III. Finally, in Unit IV, the book moves to incorporating creative elements into writing. Emerging Writers is a developmental writing textbook that can be used in both senior-level high school and college-level composition courses, as well as for those who simply want to advance their written acuity. The book has been adopted and effectively used at Miami-Dade College, the largest, most culturally diverse community college in the country. Price $89.95, 288 pages, size: 8.5 x 11.

Instructors may order a desk copy (ISBN: 978-0-9844931-7-3) by sending an e-mail to


Emmy winner and one of the first black cameramen for ABC Television, William McCloud shares touching, sometimes comical, yet inspiring stories from his youth to adulthood. With few resources, his grandmother raised him and his four siblings until he was 15. He was then forced to live with his streetwise mother. She was a madam and a hustler, and her children weren't exempt as prey. The experience opened his eyes to another side of life, but William refused the lifestyle that his mother promoted, clinging to the principles his grandmother had taught him. While family turmoil plagued him throughout his life, William went on to be nominated for five Emmy Awards and operate a successful restaurant in Hollywood. Price $14.95.


This eBook challenges our current concept of being healthy while answering common questions everyone has asked or will want to know at some point about health. Most notably, it provides an extensive self-discovery analysis so that you can determine if you are really healthy. The author, Dr. Sergey Sorin, shares how he used the Power Principle concept that he advocates to overcome cancer. For you, this book functions as a starting point for a different, new direction in terms of health, wellness and sickness. Price $4.95, ISBN: 978-0-9844931-5-9.

The downloadable eBook (Adobe PDF) is available at,,, and


Turn on the power in you before attempting to take on any outside challenge, especially overcoming weight loss. Before you infuse the power of a pill, the power of a treadmill or the power of a surgical instrument, turn on the Power of You. The ability to lose weight begins from the inside out. Don't look in a mirror or stand on a scale to discover what you need to do about your weight and health. Look inside you and call on a power greater than yours. Through this power, you may discover that being chubby and healthy is okay or simply toning your stomach is sufficient. This power directs you to what you should be rather than what you want to be. This is not only a diet book that recommends a specific meal plan or exercise routine; it's a book that recommends an overhaul of your lifestyle, which includes the way you think, feel and eat. The book empowers you with ways to engage your spirit, reform your mind, as well as reshape your body. In other words, losing weight is not just about your body, it includes every aspect of your being. Written by a board certified physician who specializes in weight loss, the book offers the Power Principle¯ as a tool that goes beyond just the physical (body) aspects to tap into the mind and the spirit, empowering the person to take charge of their life, health and weight. Dr. Sergey Sorin says that the ability to lose weight begins from the inside out, so turn on the power in you before attempting to take on any outside challenge, especially overcoming weight loss. This is not a book about will power but a book that encourages the POWER OF YOU. Price $24.95. Visit the author at


This is the true story of a father and son surviving the odds of homelessness and hardship. However, it is not only about overcoming homelessness, but it also outlines the secret of how to make changes in all areas of your life and make the changes count. Using words of empowerment and inspiration to help those who are looking to improve their quality of life, the book helps you discover how to make the rest of your life the best of your life. There’s a process to change and decision making, and to achieve what you want with the abilities you already have, you must first understand the process. “From Home to Homeless to Success” is a fascinating survival story, as well as a guide to understanding and tapping into your potential, and identifying the obstacles and the enemies that can block your achievement. Price $14.95. Visit the author at


Written by a stylist who has been rescuing and reviving hair for 20 years, the book provides tips and testimonials on growing longer, stronger, healthier hair. It features helpful pictures and instructions. The book helps to curb or prevent damage caused from chemical processes and styling. Meanwhile, it also covers indirect factors such as lifestyle and diet. The book is divided into four parts: Part I covers wet hair; Part II covers damp hair; Part III focuses mainly on dry hair; and Part IV addresses everyday hair care. The 124-page, hardcover book costs $29.95

Learn more about the book and author at


This motivation book explores what is currently motivating you and, ultimately, what should be motivating you in ten different areas of life, including money, love, marriage, health, communication, children, and work. Understanding your motivation reveals the forces and triggers that drive your actions and influence your choices. Without understanding the thoughts, attitudes and desires that drive your behavior, change becomes almost impossible. Along with two new chapters, the second edition provides examples, self-examinations, charts, and diagrams to help you understand and identify just what's your motivation. Price $14.95, 222 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9744935-1-0. Learn more about the book and author at

Book is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders or The eBook version ($8.95) is available at,,, and


This book presents a detailed description of the life experience of Ethiopian refugees and immigrants in the U.S. based on extensive personal experience, interviews, observation, and research. It will surely stimulate others to do more research, compose more writings, or simply pay more attention to the immigrant plight and adaptation in America. The book reviews why, how, and when Ethiopians came to live in the U.S. It boldly exposes the root causes of their escape from Ethiopia, and it offers a variety of Ethiopian experiences from refugee camp life to permanent resettlements. The book concludes with brief assessments of Ethiopian returnees' life in their country. It is a memorable, thorough portrait of the Ethiopian immigrants in the U.S. You, the reader, will remember with awe this ancient land considered by many to be the "cradle of civilization." As such, learning how its people, politics and places evolved is truly pertinent to everyone's history. Price $29.95 (hardback).


These simple yet profound pearls of wisdom were adapted from weekly sermons of Reverend Carlos Malone Sr. in Miami, Florida. The beautifully designed, expertly edited hardbound book provides one spiritual quote for 366 days. Whether abased or abounding, these gems straight from God will encourage, enlighten, and edify readers each day.Price $12.95.


2nd Place Winner of the 2011 Dragonfly Book Awards, this first book in the "I'm OK" series is a tribute to the phenomenal ability for us all to discover our inner strengths when challenged and to gain appreciation in situations that appear as setbacks. With lessons adapted from Dr. Nathaniel Wilson's experience as a psychologist working with children and their families, the main character Jessie provides the readers with an opportunity to discover their own ability to resolve problems, celebrate their uniqueness, live life to the fullest, and say for themselves, "I'm OK."¯

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