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Don't entrust the contents of your important document to your cousin! Always get a professional editor to proofread your documents. Yes, relatives and friends my be helpful in reading over your work, but why take chances when we are qualified, experienced editors. We can find those small, inconspicuous errors that may cause big problems. Get it all right with AllWrite!!!

Choose the editing option
that works best for you

Get your books edited with Allwrite
Standard Word Editing Rates: Standard Hourly* Editing Rates:
Basic (Edit Words, Punctuation, Spelling):
$.01 per word

Moderate (Edit Sentences, Grammar): $.02-.03 per word

Comprehensive (Edit Paragraphs, Ideas):
$.04-.05 per word

Substantive (Research, Rewriting/Writing*):
$.06-.07 per word

*writing additional text, not ghostwritin


Basic (Edit Words, Punctuation):
$18 per hour

Moderate (Edit Sentences, Grammar):
$30 per hour

Comprehensive (Edit Paragraphs, Ideas):
$50 per hour

Substantive (Research, Rewriting/Writing):
$65 per hour

 *minimum one hour for all documents