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Allwrite Editorial Services

Every writer, no matter the level of experience, needs help in guiding or correcting his/her work so that the content emerges in its best possible form. Without having editorial support, a writer may lose credibility as a result of deficiencies in concept or content. Deciding what type and level of editorial services you need is difficult because many of us don’t know exactly what we need. This is where we come in…

We provide:

  • FREE basic writing review
  • Detailed writing analysis to help you determine what editorial work your manuscript may need to be its best
  • Manuscript critique that describes, among other things, the strengths, weaknesses and possibilities of a work

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Writing Review: We will offer general comments concerning your writing ability. The review focuses mainly on your grasp of mechanics while pointing out common mistakes to watch out for. You only need to provide us with the first chapter of your manuscript for a writing review. FREE. ($0)

Writing Analysis: We will offer a more in-depth analysis of your writing skills, focusing not only on the mechanics of writing but also taking a closer look at your personal style. We will provide a detailed list of the grammatical and structural issues within your work that you use to enhance your writing abilities. A writing analysis will help you determine what editorial work your manuscript may need to be its best. ($89)

Manuscript Critiques: We will read through the entire manuscript and offer a 7 + page critique that will take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, plot structure, character development, and even identify your target audience. This is an invaluable tool for writers, especially first-time authors looking to publish or submit their work to literary magazines or competitions. We provide a sample manuscript critique here. ($350)

Writing Coach: We will work chapter by chapter with the author, providing feedback, comments, and corrections where necessary. We work together to correct all the weaknesses outlined in the manuscript critique. We will even provide examples where necessary to get the author on the right track. (beginning at.05 per word)

We highly recommend that you begin with one of these services so that we can identify the most appropriate editorial service for your manuscript or work. Curious? Well, here is a sample literary critique. Contact us at if you have questions. (All manuscripts and discussions are confidential and protected by a signed confidentiality agreement.)

Here are the editorial services that we offer:

Writing – creating new text on the basis of content and research derived by the writer and/or author.
Developmental Editing – coordinating the writing process from book proposal to manuscript completion. These editors oversee a literary project, establishing priorities and goals, as well as offering suggestions about everything from titles to page count. They edit a manuscript for adherence to a writer’s overall objective and intent. In the final stages, developmental editors may incorporate input from reviewers and consultants.
Substantive/Structural Editing making initial changes and suggestions to refine a manuscript’s scope or enhance story elements (plot, characters and setting) for better unity, cohesion and support of ideas. For example, this may mean adding/removing characters in fiction works and adding/removing concepts in non-fiction. Acting somewhat as writing coaches, these editors help to develop the content itself, which may require them to rewrite portions of a manuscript. This process occurs before copy editing.
Copy Editing – ensuring the consistency or correctness of grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation and mechanics; and editing tables, figures, and lists.
Proofreading – checking proofs of formatted, edited material for adherence to style specifications or standards; ensuring that corrections have been made; and identifying minor mechanical errors in copy, such as spelling and punctuation mistakes.
Rewriting – recreating text on the basis of content and research supplied by the author.
Fact Checking/Citation Checking/Reference Checking – verifying the accuracy of facts and quotes by checking original sources
Indexing –  reading and analyzing a work to create a systematic guide to the information contained in the work, consisting of headings and subheadings and their locators (page numbers),  arranged alphabetically or in some other searchable order


Why Choose Allwrite Editorial Services?

  • We have already tested our editors, so you don’t have to do it. As a policy, we test all new editors to ensure their competence.
  • We routinely train our editors. As a policy, our editors must update and enhance their competencies.
  • We edit in teams. As a policy, we have at least two people to review your work.


If you already know what type(s) of creative or editorial services you need, get a quick online quote