Frequently Asked Questions

Could I send you a chapter(s) from my book to see if the project would interest you?
Yes, please send a chapter along with a synopsis.

If you decide to accept this assignment, how soon could you begin working on it?
We can start on it immediately.

What is the average time it has taken you to edit manuscripts?
The time depends on the word count and the complexity or level of editing required or requested.

Do you charge by the project or by the hour?
We typically charge by the word for major editing (books, report, etc.), but short projects (resumes, pamphlets, etc.) are better for the writer on an hourly basis.

How can I get an accurate quote for the editorial work (editing, interior layout, and cover design) on my manuscript or book?
We typically ask that writers send a short sample of their writing from the manuscript (one chapter or so) or book. All samples are reviewed to determine the level of editing. Based on the word count and the level of editing, the price is determined. The interior layout and cover are usually a standard price, but the price may adjust down or up slightly if the book is very small or large, respectively.

How can I ensure the privacy and copyright protection of what I submit?
Some writers feel more comfortable with having a confidentiality agreement called an "NDA" (nondisclosure agreement). If necessary, authors may send an NDA before sending samples or the publisher will supply it. Just request it beforehand.

Are you currently working on many other assignments that would cause a delay on my project?
Yes, we do work on other projects, but we work with a group of people who get the work done based on timelines and deadlines.

Would you contact me regularly as the work progresses?
We send proofs and updates as the work is being done so that the client can answer editorial questions or amend the text, etc. if necessary.

Do you publish music?
Until recently, we have only published books and videos, but we will begin to publish music on a limited basis.

Do I have to pay to publish my book?
There are two publishing options available.

1) Self-Publish:  We help an author to produce and package (edit, layout, design, etc.) his/her manuscript. Because the author is the publisher or has a publisher, he or she is responsible for the printing and distribution of the book that is produced. He or she keeps all the profits (royalties) once a sale is made.

2) Conventional: Only if Allwrite Publishing accepts the work, the author pays nothing ($0) for the production and packaging (edit, layout, design, etc.) of his/her manuscript because we, Allwrite, are the copyright owner and publisher. The publisher is responsible for printing, distribution and basic marketing. The author is responsible for printing only personal copies, which he/she must order via the publisher. He or she earns a profit (royalty) once a sale is made.

For the conventional option, authors must submit a book proposal, not just a manuscript or several chapters. A proposal may include:

For questions on any of these options, contact Allwrite at